The Harrow Way

Now I grant you the images are not terribly exciting, but historically this is quite a big deal. The Harrow Way runs from the Kent coastline, through the counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire passing close to Stonehenge. It continues through Somerset to Yeovil and then on into Dorset, passing through our village of Halstock. From Halstock it continues down through Dorset partly following the Common Lane to Corscombe onto to the mouth of the river Axe, at Seaton. The only other known "track" as old or older would be The Great Ridgeway. Various publications date both tracks as they were to approximately 4,000 years old.

Here in Halstock there is some argument as to the exact location of the track but it seems it is most probably under what is now known as Watery Lane (see images) or under the main lane running through the village which was upgraded to a tarmac lane / road in the early 1950's. Either way it is directly outside Quiet Woman House.

Built as a coaching Inn back in 1700 Ye Quiet Woman Inn as it was then was located on the stagecoach route which used the Harrow Way route. The building at the rear of the main house / Inn are now two individual cottages, originally they were the coach-house and stables.

These days people tend to arrive by car, stagecoach, not so much!  Amazing what's on your doorstep sometimes, I have included a couple of images to show the junction as it is today. Watery Lane is a road to nowhere these days, a farm and water treatment plant is all you can find, that and local people walking their dogs across the stream and up on the fields. 

Top image is the Watery Lane Junction beside The Quiet Woman.

Bottom / 2nd image is the approach view of Quiet Woman House from the Harrow Way / Watery Lane.

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