Sherbourne Abbey

For those visitors in the area interested in historic buildings Sherbourne Abbey is a must. There has been a place of worship on the site for centuries but it seems that the year 705AD is when the Abbey is first recognised. It was at that time a Saxon cathedral, and since has been a benedictine abbey and is now a parish church. The Abbey is noted for it's architecture over the centuries including several of the stained glass windows and the ceiling. 

There is a strong link between the Abbey and Quiet Woman House. In the famed Sherbourne Missel one of the finest examples of illustrated manuscript from the early 15th century. (The missel is on display at the British Library) The saint, of which Quiet Woman House is named after is mentioned in the missel, and also depicted on the Great East window of the Abbey. St Juthwara / Juthware? There are different spellings but apparently translated we would recognise her as Judith.

Sherbourne itself is a interesting town to visit and there is also a castle ruins and gardens to visit so plenty to do.

Image from the web inside the Abbey.

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