Covid-19 Update.

It is being reported the accommodation industry may be allowed to re-open to guest's from the 4th of July 2020.

For those people that feel they want to take a short break after being at home for a prolonged period, there will naturally be concerns, around safety, regarding the coronavirus. 

Here at Quiet Woman House, a lot of thought has gone into how to reduce risk to you, and ourselves.

There are no staff here, I clean the property. Over the past thirteen years I have gained a ten out of ten rating via guest reviews for cleanliness, but extra measures are needed to deal with Covid-19.

Nothing is set in stone because we have no idea what, if any, restrictions will be imposed upon us by the authorities.

My thoughts at the moment are;

On arrival, If you require help with bags I can either wear gloves, or use anti-bacterial gel and or wash my hand before and after.

Shaking hands, probably not a good idea!

On entry, if we are both at arms length, I could give you a squirt of anti-bacterial gel, that way I am the only person touching the bottle, rather than a having communal bottle that everyone touches.

Servicing the room. At least forty-eight hours will be enforced between guests departing and entering a room. 

During your stay, no-one will enter your room, unless there is some un-for-seen emergency. 

A tray will be left outside your door. If you place used cups and saucers, mugs, spoons etc on the tray and leaving them outside the room, they can be re-placed without any need for me to to enter the room.

Breakfast. Tricky one this! Bed only is an option, a reduced price can be agreed to compensate.

There is enough room for people / tables to stay six feet apart in the dining room. The normal buffet of fruits and cereals will not be available, unless there is just one couple / family group, for breakfast.

We can discuss individual needs but it may be easier if I provide a bowl of cereal and serve it to you to reduce handling of boxes, dishes and serving spoons.

A cooked breakfast will still be available, there maybe a little tweak or two to ensure extra safe practice, and a lot of hand washing should reduce any risk, to an absolute minimum.

All of this may take a little longer than usual, but it's all being done to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, and I hope any guest visiting will appreciate our efforts.

We will give room keys a squirt of anti-bacterial spray and a further squirt of anti-bacterial gel can be offered on departure. 

Card payment keeps contact to a minimum, if you would like to pay in cash, the correct amount would to help reduce handling.

Common sense will prevail, we all need to do our bit, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

I sincerely hope the above will give you a degree of comfort, that some thought has gone into keeping you, and ourselves safe, and that it does not put you off visiting us at Quiet Woman House. 




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