Steady as she goes.

Steady as she goes. 30 August 2020

Thank you to those people that have stayed at Quiet Woman House since the re-open after the Covid-19 lock-down. Read More

Open Again!

Open Again! 03 July 2020

Quiet Woman House is open and ready to welcome you! A rare visit today from a Common Emerald Moth! (Not that common!) Read More

Still Here!

Still Here! 27 April 2020

One or two new images of Quiet Woman House, fingers crossed we will be able to welcome people again, one day! Read More

The Harrow Way

The Harrow Way 19 January 2020

History, literally on our doorstep. The Harrow Way, a track that dates back some 4,000 years, and Quiet Woman House sits right on it. Read More

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem 19 December 2019

Most people visiting this area, and more specifically Quiet Woman House, will drive past the sign and think nothing of it. But, tucked away is a little gem. Read More


Weymouth 10 November 2019

Weymouth is 35 minutes drive from Quiet Woman House. A very popular seaside town, good beach, plenty to see and do with a quaint harbour. Read More

Lonely Planet Rating

Lonely Planet Rating 22 October 2019

According to The Lonely Planet travel guide England is rated 2nd best country to visit 2020, after Bhutan. So, what are you waiting for? Read More

Martock Nature Reserve

Martock Nature Reserve 29 August 2019

Not far from the previous post of East Lambrook is Town Tree Nature reserve, a unique conservation area of natural woodland. Read More
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